utorak, 20. rujna 2016.


To participate in the trekking competition all competitors should dress appropriately to ensure high level of comfort and security. There are no clothing or footwear restrictions but we recommend you to choose clothes which covers your entire body with exception for head and arms.

Organizer provides:
- printed map with courses and control points,
- race bib,
- electronic time taking  system SPORTident,
- race instructions and information.

Competitor has to provide:
- compass,
- SI chip (*SI chip can be rented from the organizer),
- mobile phone 
  (save the organizer numbers, keep it switched on, enable caller ID, charge
  the battery),
- water (minimum of 1 litre),
- basic first aid kit + emergency thermal blanket,
- whistle,
- reserve clothing and footwear.

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